In Between

for Marcy Howard

There’s something, I’ve determined, while, walking, this life’s road,
Some things, in this lifetime, with time, will not erode,
I know, from things you wrote, it’s each other, that we need,
And as, the tears, are falling, they’re watering, the seeds.
As words, unfold, on paper, they’re proof, I’m missing you,
Though miles, are between us, and no phone calls, coming through,
There is nothing, you could do, or say, no insult, would be enough,
We have, to give it all, to each, even though, it will be tough.
The important thing, is where we began, the birth, of this devotion,
Wrapped inside, the love, we feel, an unconditional, emotion,
At some point,,you must believe, As I know, you do,
That soul mates, each, we have found,,Because I feel, you miss me too.
As the moonlight, filters down, it bathes, two figures, in light,
Though physically, we’re apart, we’re together, in the night,
Always a smile, will light my face, as I close my eyes, and dream,
Because, we’re always, arm in arm, and everything, in between.



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