Inner Monster

for Marcy Howard

A monster, lives inside of me, lately, he’s alive,
Though, asleep, for many years, his key, finally arrives,
The key’s, inserted, into the lock, twisted, to unlock,
As the creature, rises up, from his bed of rock.
There are only, blood and smoke, rising from his eyes,
Pain and suffering, feed the rage, as his conscience, he denies,
As the key, slowly turns, the lock, falls to the ground,
The door, is open, is he free, the heart, hears not a sound.
The world, seems so foreign, his mind, utter hell,
As the heart, burns in two, love feeds the fire well,
There can be, no redemption, for he’s missing, half his soul,
And the piece, that is missing, the only person, to make him whole.
As, the chains and bindings, fall, to the ground,
All, know his agony, though he never makes a sound,
His pain, is the reason, that he hangs his head,
As a broken heart struggles, he feels as though, he’s dead,
Peace, may not ever come, because the monster, can not die,
Convinced, love is real, sure, it’s not a lie,
As his pain, evaporates, silently, he can see,
Love, unlocked his bindings, love, sets him free!



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