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to Marcy Howard

When, you feel your’re missing me, I’m, missing you,
And when, you’re feeling lonely, I’m lonely too,
When you think, of my touch, I’m stroking, your hair,
And when, you’re feeling scared, I will calm, your fears.
Give me, all your questions, you’ll get the answers, that you seek,
And I will, give you strength, if, you’re feeling weak,
When, you think of love, Do it, with a smile,
And memories, will keep you, happy, for awhile.
When, you’re feeling tired, let me whisper, words, of hope,
And when, you feel hopeless, I, will help you cope,
When, the nightmares, hold you, torment, in the night,
I will hold, you closely, I, will be, your light.
When, you feel, you need me, my arms, are open wide,
And thought, the doors were closed, I, will step, inside,
When, we hold, each other, I, will not, let go,
When you want, to take this dance, I, will make you know.
When you doubt, or lose your faith, I, will take your hand,
And when tears, overwhelm you, on me, you can stand,
And no matter, what comes along, on me, you can depend,
My dream, is to see you, in my door;but, I can only wonder....when.



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