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Light in the Dark


A dampness floats inside the air,
And the sun is blocked from view,
Kind of like existing things,
That nightmare now come true,
At times though the sun is shining,
It seems darkness still exists,
And though we truly try our best,
That darkness still persists
We watch news in the media,
We see the violence and the pain,
While the naivete we had as children,
Though we try we can’t regain,
Are we products of our environment,
A painting that’s never done,
And is light what we hold on to,
Or is the darkness what we’ve won.
Technology grows with leaps and bounds,
Yet our problems still remain,
As we look up at the nightime sky,
And the darkness leaves a stain,
Through the years events occur,
Which alter future thought,
But as the darkness closes in,
It’s on our scars we’re caught.
Though the day might be bright and sunny,
It can be different deep inside,
It’s dependent on our moods and dreams,
And on those things we try to hide,
Darkness can invade a soul,
While torturing both heart and mind,
Making light so hard to see,
It seems impossible to find.
The reverse is also possible,
Light can live in the heart,
And no matter if it’s day or night,
It’s only dark when we’re apart,
An act of choice is then becomes,
Do we choose the dark or light,
Holding on to things we found,
Knowing that its right.
Though the darkness may take a hold,
Though the night might be cold and dark,
A light exists where you touched my life,
And it’s still living in the heart,
If we’re immersed in darkness,
There is still a light inside,
It’s love that continues growing,
A light darkness can not hide.

October 27th,2016

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