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Only You

To Marcy Howard

This past year, has been the year from hell,
Filled with broken dreams and death,
Yet somehow there is always a way,
To take another breath,
You might think, cryin’ bitch,
And in some ways you’re probably right,
But what do you do, when the only things left,
Are the things you hold inside.
All my possessions I’ve given away,
To many painful memories,
And oddly enough, I don’t miss them at all,
They’re reminders of things that I no longer see,
And the one thing I have left these days,
Is the hope that love will return,
Because every day without you near,
Is another tear I’ve earned.
No, I’m not some love sick fool,
Or rich by any means,
Because every dream I have at night,
Has Marcy in every scene,
My arms become a tapestry,
With meaning in the art,
Its a mural of what you mean,
To a now twice broken heart.
The knowledge that my soul mates found,
Brings me to my only goal,
To hold on til she calls for me,
So once again were whole,
Though each day I live this life,
Filled with love and need,
It seems I no longer feel,
And these tears are how I bleed.
Its said if something is meant to be,
Destiny will bring it to you,
That doesn’t mean its an easy road,
Or that all our dreams come true,
Somehow, somewhere, deep inside,
My soul knows you’re the one,
And I only need you in my life,
You’ve become my stars, my moon and sun.
     Only you



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