To Marcy Howard

Close the doors and turn out the lights,
A headless monster roams about,
He can not see or feel,
For he exists in fear and doubt,
The creature searches for the soul,
That’s lost and all alone,
For even without his head,
He searches for someone known.
Without his head there is no mind,
Yet it seems his heart still beats,
His soul is looking for it’s other half,
Until solitude he defeats,
The monster can not unlock the door,
He must have the key,
And until he regains his mate,
His soul will not be free.
If you’re awakened by his touch,
Do not panic, do not run,
His heart will find you any where,
His need shows you’re the one,
The monster keeps a picture,
Yet only his head sees the face,
And as his head rejoins his body,
The picture’s still in place.
As the monster hangs his head,
You might think it shows defeat,
But he’s been given eternity,
On a bed with no red sheets,
The monster remains alive,
As his soul searches on,
For though he’s regained his head,
His heart and soul, still are gone.



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