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Love 's Question

To Marcy Howard

Some people say, life gets in the way,
Yet I always questioned, how that could be right,
While proof came to me, one summer’s eve,
And lives in dreams, of you every night,
When two people together, combine and make one,
Yet circumstance, keeps us apart,
Every night its made clear, within a dreams tear,
It comes down to, a matter of heart.
Life isn’t fair, was there a time that it was,
When everything falls into place,
Do opinions become, a knife or a gun,
Attempting to kill, what time can’t erase,
While both hearts involved, around love have revolved,
To find something special and rare,
And no matter the words, or even the song,
We see, that both of us care.
I hope I can find, the words to express,
That no matter, where we might be,
Its each other we need, to live and to love,
And without each, hearts are no longer free,
Time and events, at times can prevent,
The love that shines, from our eyes,
No matter the time, and no matter the place,
For us both, love has no disguise.
Fairness, is no longer the question,
We searched and loves what we found,
There is some remorse, and loneliness of course,
Yet love came and still loves without sound,
If you feel lonely, or even feel scared,
I’m always, right by your side,
And no matter the questions, that our lives might give,
We have love, that’s never denied.



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