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Love's Vision

to Marcy Howard

This woman, stands, in front, of me, bathed, in pale moonlight,
Strangely, every detail’s clear, even though it’s night,
She’s partially transparent, a smile, is on her face,
Long dark hair, hangs straight down, the perfect frame, now in place.
Some would think, it’s imagination, yet I know, it’s something more,
Sheer clothes, wrap around her, perfection, with life, in store,
In the pale, moonlight, her angelic face, seems to glow,
Because she holds, the knowledge, this love, will only grow.
As, she stands, in front of me, with, that perfect smile,
I can, feel her, in my arms, I know, she’ll stay awhile,
Overlooking, in the darkness, the things, we can not see,
As I realize, that smile, is there, for me,
As she melts, into my arms, the, world, disappears,
Along, with the worries, the doubts and the fears,
While, we hold, each other tight, we know, it’s where, we belong,
For as, you hold, the dream, there is, no right or wrong.
A vision.of loveliness, a memory, that won’t die,
For, it’s embedded, in our hearts, and proves, it’s not a lie,
Then, my eyes open, yet, she still stands, in front of me,
Love, is the moonlight, that sets, my vision, free.
            Believe Angel.



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