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You might think you’re all alone,
In a physical sense it might be true,
But with the things we hold inside,
Each day I’m still with you,
In our dreams we’re together still,
All the pain just slips away,
The night may be a more pleasant place,
Then the hours in the day.
The heart holds on though torn in two,
As it searches in the dark,
Looking for a familiar heart,
That with it’s touch left a mark,
Though at times we feel alone,
Hopes and dreams prove that untrue,
Because every breath that you take,
We breath as one though two.
Each day that we awake,
Exhausted by our dreams,
The sense that we are all alone,
Is just our need that screams,
Rose petals point out a path,
That stems from memories,
And in the pain our minds create,
We can’t see though we can breathe.
Since the day that we met,
Each breath makes us one,
As we breathe we breathe together,
Under stars or under the sun,
We hold each other in our arms,
With every breath we take,
And our dreams make it real,
It’s still what our hearts create.
Every time you feel alone,
In reality we are not,
Every moment our hearts beat,
Is a moment we haven’t forgot,
As you draw each breath inside,
Do it with a smile,
With every breath both in and out,
Love lives on awhile.

April 9th,2016

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