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Why Me

to Marcy Howard

There are things, I know, I did, And I live, with those mistakes,
For every day, that you’re, not here, a string, of daily heart breaks,
We found things, for which we searched, found them, hand in hand,
Just like you, I’m only human, I’m just, a simple man.
We’ve tried, to build, something good, from the pieces, of our dreams,
Yet now, we live, so far apart, as the circumstance, deems,
You asked me, why did you leave, but you left me, all alone,,
You told me, I should walk away, into, the great unknown.
I’m still here.and I accept, some things, I did, were wrong,
And as, I sit here and wave good bye, the tears, just come along,
All my life, I’ve run away, but I’ll do, what I must do,
For no matter, how much you try, I’m standing here with you,
You have doubts, but so, do I, I’d like the chance, to see,
What the love, that we, both know, in our lives, could be,
We share, the pain, we share the love, yet I ask myself, Why,
Why are they are, when love, lives in our eyes.
We took, the broken pieces, of, our shattered lives, rekindled, long lost dreams,
As, we look, at all the glass, that falls through, those hidden seams,
I love you, you love me, please dry, these tears, in my eye,
For I’ll be waiting, forever, let’s see the question .why???
            I found you, Love lives forever.One chance??????



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