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Near By


Do our dreams follow us,
Or do we follow them,
Where do they originate,
Are they enemies or friends,
Immersed inside our loneliness,
At night the whispers change to screams,
Or thoughts chained by the daylight’s hours,
With our dreams a constant stream.
We gather our pains to dwell within,
Behind a dam that stems their flow,
And our lives become a battleground,
While each day the pressure grows,
Our path winds past our hopes and dreams,
Under clouds and clear blue skies,
And while the heart reaches out,
Is it hello or just good bye.
Shattered dreams still have pieces,
And those pieces we hold close,
Believing that we can’t survive,
Because of what we need the most,
Possessing the belief our dreams are broken,
Yet their fulfillment lives somewhere near by,
Held close by an emotion,
And all the tears we’ve cried.
A silent walk across frozen lands,
Yet I can see and feel you near,
And in this frozen loneliness,
Love whispers and this heart hears,
When you see the clouds roll in,
Or hear a gentle breeze,
Love is walking close to you,
And in you this heart still believes.
Every step you take each day,
I walk hand in hand with you,
As each night I hold you in my dreams,
With a thought I’m near to you,
Our thoughts can keep us close to each,
Love that twinkle in our eyes,
And when you close your eyes to sleep,
I’m close to you, I’m near by,
The past holds all our memories,
And the heart holds you always near,
And as this world keeps spinning around,
Hold my whisper in your ear,
Any time you feel alone,
Just think of these blue eyes,
And with those thoughts always know,
With you love walks near by.

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