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Teardrop to Tomorrow


Teardrops fall for a variety of reasons,
They lead to or lead away,
A single teardrop becomes a reminder,
For the emotions of today,
A salty drop that travels down,
To emphasize that emotion,
Or maybe something that disappeared,
Is the object of that tear’s devotion.
At times we grasp things so very hard,
That our grasp just seems to slip,
And when we see things slip away,
What dreams do we still grip,
A teardrop trickles down my cheek,
But not for something lost,
It whispers to a hungry heart,
So a dream does not get tossed.
Light reflects on a falling tear,
With the light that teardrop shines,
And on it’s path to disappear,
An emotion it somehow defines,
Joy or sorrow can be the cause,
Or it might be the fuel for hope,
And as a sort of pressure release,
It’s flow can help us cope.
A teardrop fuels a desire for me,
To hold someone I love,
And though a tear may be a gentle push,
At times it takes a shove,
But in the night that gentle touch,
Wipes the tear from a suntanned cheek,
i hear it whisper in my ear,
In dreams this love we keep.
A teardrop seems to have a voice,
It foretells of things to come,
And teardrops need not be a flow,
Because tomorrow can be held in one,
Even whether it’s right or left,
One tear can say so much,
It can even be a reminder,
Of love’s soft and sensual touch.
A solitary teardrop,
That has so much to say,
No matter the obstacles in front of love,
It still will have it’s way,
The reasons have no consequence,
Whether joy or sorrow,
Love lives in that single tear,
And that teardrop leads to tomorrow.

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