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One Day


One day all the pain will leave,
My arms will hold you tight,
One day I’ll be able to feel,
And won’t dread the coming night,
One day you’ll be able to know,
That what we found was right,.
One day all the tears will stop,
I will no longer feel alone,
One day I will feel your touch,
And that touch will melt this heart of stone,
One day i will kiss those lips,
That each night this heart is shown.
One day I will hold the dream,
That sustains me every day,
One day I will hear your voice,
And that music will forever stay,
One day whispered words I’ll hear,
And love’s song will always play.
One day I will look in the mirror,
And I’ll see you standing with me,
One day love will have it’s say,
With it’s wings we will fly free,
One day we’ll live with all we found,
With a red rose our reality.
One day we will love each other,
Up close instead of from afar,
One day we’ll have tomorrow,
Love’s bright and shining star,
One day the dream will be real,
No matter where we are.

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