Caricamento in corso...

Here and There


I carry things inside of me,
I keep hidden from others view,
And though invisible to others,
Doesn’t mean they’re any less true,
I look at where I stand right now,
And it’s difficult to see ahead,
Especially when the heart’s alone,
And promises at times seem dead.
For some the mind controls their path,
But my heart’s worn on my sleeve,
It’s not about what I look for,
It’s about a thing already received,
Every notion I entertain,
Leaves me conscious of what I need,
As words become drops of blood,
With only the heart that bleeds.
Is the heart somehow made of stone,
That is hardened by lonely days,
And all the people that I’ve known,
Have gone their separate ways,
This heart is beating among the dreams,
That the soul can never let go,
My sight turns into tunnel vision,
But love continues to grow.
I’ve looked for comfort with different methods,
At times hoping I could forget,
But all it really appears to do,
Is magnify my upset,
The heart is full to overloading,
By the love I now embrace,
And though at times I feel alone,
No steps I need retrace.
The past holds nights of laughter,
But tomorrow is somehow blurred,
And once I said I love you,
My fate was then insured,
Some might look and cry or whine,
But I feel what I feel,
And every day that love still lives,
Just makes it even more real.
Though fog can shroud the issues,
I know that fog will burn away,
And I know the love I found with you,
Stares back at me from yesterday,
Here and there I’ve found answers,
I’ve learned not to fear the past,
Especially when just yesterday,
We found love that each day lasts.

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