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Only You

to Marcy Howard

I close, my eyes, to get away, from thoughts.of your perfume,
But every, waking moment, thoughts of you, consume,
I can smell, the scent of pears, and see, those sparkling eyes,
As a smile, touches her face, her aura, comes alive.
Though, I haven’t held her, in, so very long,
I just can not, accept the fact, that she’s really gone,
Sleeping’s, an adventure, for I awake, thinking, she’s here,
Then I realize, I’m alone, again, the nightmare.
Happy memories, exist, with in, but seeing them, is the trick,
For the negative, things, in life, are the things, that seem to stick,
Though, it seems, I’m torn inside, thoughts of you, keep me alive,
I wish the dream, was alive again, to help the heart, survive.
Standing, in the darkness, it seems, it’s now, my friend,
But, I, can view, my memories, this heart, can still defend,
No matter, what, we do, or say, there, are facts, that still remain,
My heart, can not be taken back, nor can our song’s refrain.
The smell, of pears, makes me smile, as does the thought, of long, dark hair,
As your memory, frees, my pain, every breath, for you, I care,
I, may not, see your smile, or those, little things, you do,
But my mind and soul, are your’s, and my heart’s, for only you.
           It still remains, Love lives, Forever
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