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Free Me

to Marcy Howard

Give me back, my sanity, give me, something, to hold,
Let me, give you, answers, don’t let, this love, be sold,
Look, into my eyes, and see, what you can find,
You, are in, my every thought, in my heart and mind.
I, can say, I’m sorry, I can, say it, a thousand times,
But, only you, can decide, if, your heart’s, still mine.
I, can give you, flowers, or even, send a card,
That, doesn’t make this easier, it still, is very hard.
Words, flow out, onto the page, emotion, shining through,
As, my heart, is broken, assumptions, influenced you,
Our heart’s, took, a journey, we, walked, hand in hand,
And I, still have those dreams, of that, warm, white sand.
This dream, that we both share, is, woven, into, our lives,
But don’t, let thinking, be the thing, that decides,
Suppose, that what you think, isn’t, really true,
It’s not, in what we say, it’s in, what we do.
I, know, what kind of woman, that you truly, are,
And I’m, always looking, for that, little, green car,
Give us just, one more chance, maybe, you can see,
You’re the one, that I want, and it’s only you, who, can Free Me.
       Believe one thing, LOVE



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