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Only You


I sit and think of my reasons to smile,
And that brings thoughts of only you,
As my eyes are closed so tight,
I realize what is true,
Sometime in the recent past,
I’ve grown to see what’s real,
I’ve grown to accept what’s in the heart,
That only for you I feel.
I’ve hidden what I really feel,
Pretending it was dead,
Only for you is it still alive,
And it’s in both heart and head,
Only for you does the dream survive,
As I see the things I hold,
Only with these thoughts of you,
Am I warm in a bed that’s cold.
Only for you does love still live,
And it lives deep in the heart,
Just wish I had the answers,
For this life with us apart,
The mirror’s image holds a man,
That lives for only you,
Realizing that all my needs,
Pale to holding what’s true.
Only you make me welcome dreams,
Because in them it’s you I hold,
And love becomes a common thread,
But a story so seldom told,
Only you visit my nightly dreams,
It’s you that makes love alive,
And though these arms hold empty air,
Still this love survives.
Only you have this heart and soul,
You’re the fabric of my dreams,
You live inside my darkness,
And are alive in hopeful screams,
Only you make this heart keep beating,
You are the belief I’ve found,
Only you are now my music,
Though it needs you to make any sound.
Only you make my stars keep shining,
And make my days devoid of scars,
Dreams take on another role,
That lead straight to the stars,
Only you now make me happy,
Only you now make me smile,
And just as I loved you yesterday,
Only you I’ll love awhile

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