Raindrop Dream

To Marcy Howard

It seems today, my coffee, just won’t wake me up,
Though I’m awake, I’m still asleep, in a dream I’m stuck,
This tin roof clatters loudly, as the rain beats out its tune,
And though it rained all night long, I swear I saw the moon,
Though there was no moon or stars, as they were hidden by the clouds,
The moon and stars rest sometimes, as the storm becomes their shroud.
Is a dream a nightmare, if it repeats itself each night,
But, do the good things in our sleep, escape when it gets light,
If someone moves you to your soul, but leaves out of fear,
Do you love them in your arms, or love them anywhere,
As the memory grasps your heart, and each day, it won’t let go,
Is it then a hopeless dream, a touch you’ll never know.
We don’t believe in fairy tales, though wishes sometimes come true,
Fantasies are hopeless dreams, but mine are real, they hold you,
There is no way for us to see, what the future brings,
Yet every raindrop falling down, is a thought of you that this heart sings,
Raindrops can’t be counted, and this dream of you, can not be sold,
And on a porch in the rain, again its you I hold.
So as I listen to the rain, and remember back in time,
I can see a beautiful face, and I know your hearts still mine,
I know its not a nightmare, as the rain beats on the tin,
Hope lives in every falling drop, and the memories of what has been,
And as the raindrops sustain life, love is watered too,
Allowing what we found to grow, and in the rain, the dream comes true.



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