Sometimes we get lost in the things we feel,
And it’s hard to find our way,
Looking back into the past,
Going forward into yesterday,
There are however those rare moments,
When something begun will always be,
Yet we’re somehow ignorant of the fact,
No one cares if they can’t see.
Memories become bricks in a growing wall,
Preventing us from clearly seeing,
That all the things we feel inside,
Just make us human beings,
All of us can see and feel,
Yet none of us feel quite the same,
Do we all possess the innate ability,
To all our fears somehow tame.
Through our lives there are things we change,
There are things we feel yet never say,
Leading us to a cloudy sky,
And the games our minds can play,
Some things occur without realization,
As we later look at them with surprise,
As the heart reaches forward,
Past the things our minds deny.
There are things we need to see,
As we’re told to read between the lines,
Instead of saying what we mean,
And believing in what others decline,
Suppose it becomes easier to be alone,
Because it’s harder and harder to trust,
It seems you’re thinking of yourself,
But it’s the mirror that holds your disgust.
Can a person be sane with no one,
Fearful that they’ll just cause others pain,
So somehow you push even family away,
Believing pain is all that you gain,
Do you believe the person you see,
Is something more than just their name,
While so many really don’t understand,
You’ve turned their perceptions into a game.
It’s hard to trust another enough,
To let them see who resides inside,
Especially if through the years,
It becomes easier and easier to hide,
Try not to look at the person,
Do not judge them by all you hear,
Open the book to the pages inside,
So you can see there’s nothing to fear.

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