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Real To Be


Do we strive to be like our neighbor,
In a competition for better or more,
Who do we really become,
What reasons do we live for,
Do we see with our hearts,
In reality are we blind,
In the process what is lost,
What image do we find.
Do we attempt to achieve perfection,
Forgetting all we’ve learned,
A candle burning at both ends,
With an inner darkness all we’ve earned,
What becomes of our dreams,
If we live by what we hear,
Lacking the understanding to see,
We’re products of what we fear.
Do we disregard our experience,
Thinking that we know,
That the list of our possessions,
Is all we truly grow,
We might fail to see the truth,
That we live by other’s need,
As we fail to realize,
Our long held scars still bleed.
We get caught up in a race,
To surpass what other’s have done,
Thinking that we have some clue,
As to why this race is run,
Our dreams somehow get pushed aside,
In a competition to achieve,
Hoping that we measure up,
To the things that other’s believe.
If beauty’s in  the eyes of the beholder,
Do we understand what that means,
That beauty is different for everyone,
Yet everyone’s on the same team.
We judge ourselves with another’s perception,
Instead of embracing what we feel,
But if we worry what other’s think,
Is the man in the mirror real.
If we live by another’s standards,
Or we compete with others to much,
Can we remember who we are,
Are our dreams a thing we can touch,
As we embark on this thing called life,
We can’t lose the things we feel,
Because if a heart feels love,
It’s all we need to be real.

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