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A silent river


Night time comes without a sound,
As we’re soon to embrace our dreams,
Memories seem to come alive,
In a silent flowing stream,
The heart reaches for what it knows,
Dreams watered by our tears,
As our scars rise to the surface,
Behind a dam made of our fears.
Teardrops moisten a sleeping face,
As unconsciously we hold on,
Love seems to spring to life,
Though when awake we believe it gone,
Silence rules a darkened landscape,
And our voices are not heard,
Even though our lips are moving,
We utter not a word.
The only sound we seem to hear,
Is the beating of our hearts,
Sight and sound have disappeared,
In a drama where we play our parts,
Can teardrops fall but the cheek be dry,
With sobs that hold no sound,
In our dreams there’s nothing lost,
Only the things we’ve found.
A face soon invades the darkness,
Even though we are alone,
And on it’s cheeks tears are seen,
As it seems their flow has grown,
In this dream there is no safety,
And there is no sound to hear,
Tears are a silent echo of,
All those things for which we care.
In silence love abides within,
A silent river makes it flow,
As the dreams that we hold onto,
Become the only time it shows,
Our dreams float along a river,
That’s comprised of our blood and sweat,
And the knowledge that we live for,
The love we can’t forget.
Tears roll down this sleeping face,
Watering the love we feel,
And once we’re deeply in the dream,
Our dreams seem like they’re real,
Dreams we see late at night,
Hold us and make us shiver,
For all those tears that water love,
In our dreams are a silent river.

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