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No Lover's Remorse

to Marcy Howard

I’m trying to make, this world, to see, how love, can change, a man,
To see, the man’s, still inside, to make you understand,
We have found, the golden key, that unlocks, the path ahead,
But will you, use the key my love, or turn you back, instead.
One plus one, equals two, but sometimes, it equals one,
Hidden in, the dreams we share, beneath, our setting sun,
Some, may say, it’s over, some may say, it’s not,
Yet, no matter, how I feel, love, is what we’ve got.
No one, has the answers, for the questions, that we pose,
And the heart, has no clue, of where, it is to go,
Because, without you, standing here, life, is not complete,
For, the demons of the past, your heart, can not defeat.
You, are the woman, that rescued, a lonely heart,
And there’s no denying, forever, is our start,
Love, is a foundation, something solid, which we share,
And no matter, what comes along, always know, I care.
Love, has no ending, it’s forever, if it’s real,
You know, we have it, an emotion, that we feel,
There are, no regrets, except, for not holding you,
And your face, is my light, for everything, I do.



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