Ride Away


The days just seem an endless string,
When we put them end to end,
A pit that’s dug by loneliness,
Devoid of even friends,
Yet somewhere in the hand of time,
Grains of sand trickle through,
And as I stare at the growing pile,
I can only think of you.
There have been moments and places,
Where I was guided only by fear,
Even though I screamed out loud,
There was no one there to hear,
Sights and sounds are seen and heard,
As I look back through the past,
As I survive without your touch,
I marvel at how love lasts.
Experience holds a bitter truth,
And from it we hope we learn,
And all the memories which we possess,
Are emotions that still burn,
Inside all my hopes and dreams,
A single love burns bright,
Though at times it’s the only thing,
That gets me through the night.
Though I hold just memory,
As the shadows live and grow,
I live with the realization,
That in my eyes it doesn’t show,
While I know this heart is broken,
In the darkness it still beats for you,
No matter what’s been said or done,
The heart knows this love is true.
We hold tomorrow in our hearts,
And it lives through each today,
Love is the only path to take,
It’s direction shows our way,
Some might say it’s dead and gone,
Then how does it still exist,
Time has proven it can not die,
Regardless how much we resist.
This time of year is difficult,
Though it doesn’t have to be,
Love is all we really need,
And it lives in you and me,
We each have pain and pleasure,
While in your arms I am alive,
The ticket was purchased long ago,
We just have to take the ride.

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