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Seasons Say

To Marcy Howard

I stand here with no one around, yet I am not here alone,
I walk this trail with memories, and love that I was shown,
On this mountain in this place, there’s a chill inside the air,
And with each step memories flash, framed by long dark hair.
Though the trees begin their change,
preparing for the fall,
Its hard to see the colors here, to see past this growing wall,
The seasons change every year, looked forward to in the past,
Yet now a face is all that’s seen, and the shadow that smile has cast.
While all the forests creatures, prepare for the coming cold,
As nature fills its hourglass, yet what’s a heart to hold,
Each time this hike lengthens, a peace comes with the walk,
Wrapped in the fond memory, hand in hand as we talk.
Each time I see leaves turned red, the forest fades away,
Takes me to a time and place, that I dream of every day,
A time when laughter was alive, and a smile lit your face,
Then a sound takes it away, and I’m alone again in this place.
Every trail leads to you, each memory of those times.
When you wore that devilish red, and all of you was mine,
And though its time for the seasons change, there’s no changing how I feel,
And what I found with you my love, every day is real.
    Only you.



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