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By the Rain


Traffic flows by the front door,
Car’s windshield wipers frantically beat,
As the rain seems to fall in curtains,
Forming the puddles under our feet,
At times it feels as if we’re floating,
Solid ground somewhere below,
Struggling to keep our dreams afloat,
And make planted seeds still grow.
A soggy picture greets us,
As we open our front door,
And all the things we want inside,
Outside we want even more,
Water might dilute the solution,
Yet it’s basis still is true,
And when no tears are left to cry,
Love’s essence still is you.
Clouds may hide the sunshine,
We may feel lost and all alone,
As we’re left without a way,
To show all no one’s known,
Perceptions become only opinions,
When based on less than facts,
While all the things we think we know,
Are just a train without it’s tracks.
Rain can’t make us see or feel,
And life we can’t direct,
While all the advice that seems to flow,
Is what the givers agenda protects,
When struck by a random raindrop,
The result is we get wet,
As silence becomes another excuse,
To pretend that we forget.
We make things far more than they are,
As the important things we make less,
And as the rain runs off our skin,
It hides our beating chest,
A raindrop is a real force,
The water a fuel we need,
But together those drops can be deadly,
With no help if it’s love that bleeds.
A river may flood with to much rain,
But the debris floats right along,
As the love we feel inside,
Is our one and only song,
The water might move land or rock,
But inside love always remains,
Though water may leave a telltale stain,
Love is never washed away by the rain.

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