One Rose and One Kiss

to Marcy Howard

We traveled down this road before and it feels like deja vu,
All the things we saw before with a slightly different view,
we hold on to the past again, what will it really take,
To open up our eyes to see, we need more than this heartbreak.
In our hands we hold it all, yet we let it trickle through,
The sands of time can be unkind and they’re covering me and you,
Water’s not needed for us to drown, the spirit becomes dulled by pain,
And all the tears that we’ve cried, become just water down the drain.
We feel our hearts pumping blood, yet still it seems we’re cold,
While in our arms those empty dreams, because of whispers that we sold,
In the past hearts found a way, to let us see what we had found,
As hope cements the memories, to the skeletons by which we’re bound.
Every day has those times, when our hearts can still roam free,
Though fate has kicked us in the ass, the time again grows near,
To let our souls unite again, and kill the growing fear.
We deserve a break from pain, to hold the one we need,
To make the wrongs right again, how much longer can we bleed,
just like me I know you feel, it isn’t right like this,
This pain just isn’t worth it, it’s something we can fix.
The past does not matter, it’s each other that we need,
Yet I will wait for that flower, while our tears water the seed,
I’ll hold the hope forever, that I’ll hold the one I miss,
And we can start once again, with one rose and one kiss.
            Real and right.



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