Sleepless Soul

To Marcy Howard

Sleep these days is now a place,
Where the monsters live and breathe,
When dreams solidify the thought,
That even in daylight we dream,
As your eyes are tightly closed,
And the past is in your head,
We see all the very things,
That prove inside we’re dead.
The path we follow in the day,
Is just for others to see,
A play put on to hide the pain,
On the stage of memory,
Somehow the dreams that fill the night,
Come alive and show what’s real,
As the facade we keep alive,
Postpones the things we feel.
The stage is set under a moonlit sky,
But a sunset leads the way,
To that land that we believe,
Only lived yesterday,
But the very fact that the dream survives,
Demonstrates its not a lie,
Because if the night let’s the monsters live,
The heart won’t let love die.
Purposeful actions used as a tool,
Hide true emotions from the light,
As in the darkness the curtains raised,
The truth is only in the night,
With the thought that monsters roam,
In the land where dreams are alive,
And no matter where you walk,
Love will always survive.
Though memory may strike you,
During sleep on a mountain trail,
There are things that always live,
Though hidden or seeming frail,
And if like me your sleep is filled,
With the ghosts of things thought lost,
Its the heart that keeps things alive,
And without you, peace is the cost!!!



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