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Sometimes a Dream


It’s been said you can not read my poems,
That they make you feel things,
Guess no one ever thought about,
What that rejection brings,
Every emotion has a but,
With even more reasons why,
And at the very thought of change,
A star falls from the sky.
Somehow through the years I’ve known
That this whole thing is real,
Right now it doesnt really matter much,
If its just me that feels,
It’s been enough for me inside,
To accept what’s living there,
And though I have but do not hold,
I stiil can smell those pears.
For years I’ve stumbled through this life,
Hoping that you cared,
Finding out what love can be,
Knowing that it’s shared,
Happiness is the things I felt.
When you said you feel the same,
Yet now I’m left here wondering,
If only words remain.
Need I feel every day,
What I think of you is real,
But does the dream become a nightmare,
If nothing else makes us feel,
I feel elated but at the same time lost,
Holding on with this tattered heart,
But every night its you I hold,
And the dream’s never ripped apart!

February 14th, 2016

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