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To Marcy Howard

Each day the many steps I take, are filled with thoughts of you,
I’ve to exercise your ghost, but need you more is all I do,
A bottle didn’t ease the pain, all it did was make me think,
And every time that I dream, makes me want another drink,
Everything that I’ve tried, just makes me need you more,
And all the anesthesia does, is make me think what for.
Just like you I’m human, I’m just a simple man,
And as I stand here holding air, I’m still your biggest fan,
At times the future seems to fade, but dreams revive the passions steam,
And the steps that we take, substantiate the need,
Unsuccessfully we try to forget, but the past just tightens its hold,
As our mirrors tell the tale, of a warm heart but body cold.
I walk the trail with many steps, as the sunlight begins to fade,
And every step that I take, remembers what we made,
Every day I ask myself, is there something wrong with me,
If only you is who I need, but without you the dreams not free,
I believe in what we found, my every steps with you,
And each day is a giant leap, in this pain we travel through.
On this holiday Halloween, I’ll sit at home alone,
Hoping for a message from you, a step towards the paradise shown,
The steps I take on this trail, are taken just with you,
And when the costumes all come off, still I’m loving you,
Our hearts took the initial steps, and with each step, still the loves alive,
And every day I love you more, regardless what our steps might hide.
      Step one, contact.!!!



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