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A Life’s Pages

To Marcy

Another chapter is written,
Though the book is incomplete,
As life goes on around us,
And our fears we can’t defeat,
Each day becomes a sentence,
That is written with our blood,
While memories come uninvited,
In a never ending flood.
As each chapter is written,
Emotions flow with ease,
As we live for our tomorrows,
With yesterday our disease,
Words come like a river,
With no beginning and no end,
While the person in the mirror,
Is the image we defend.
Weather is caught on paper,
As well as emotions true,
While the color of the ink,
Changes from red to blue,
Each day we write another page,
And it’s structured word by word,
Including things that we ignored,
And thoughts we never heard.
Inside our lives words pile up,
At times it’s hard to write them down,
There’s more to any silence,
Then the absence of any sound,
Portraying silence could be an issue,
And portraying beauty can be the same,
Words can seem not enough,
They seem like pieces in a game.
With the words that are written,
Is there some way that we can see,
That the pages of our lives are real,
But our hearts may not be free,
All the events through the years,
Add up to who we are,
Is there a way to relay the image,
That our lives are falling stars.
As each chapter is written,
It’s important for us to know,
Each day is a new page written,
Each day the book will grow,
We write down the things we feel,
There’s so much we need portray,
All the love and laughter in our lives,
From the past up to today!

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