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Real Happiness

to Marcy Howard

My mind, travels back to a day, not long ago,
When emotion, held me, between, yes and no,
Does, rejection strengthen, the person, you might be,
And if, you show a smile, could it be, for me.
Events, have conditioned you, to behave, a certain way,,
And if you’re used, to being told, what to do and what to say,
Can you expect something more, if your self, is the cost,
Will you be allowed, to see, all those things, you’ve lost.
What good, is a dream, if directed, where to go,
And with, those ambitions held, true fulfillment, you’ll never know,
If imaginations, chained, why do, you even try,
Because, if your life, is controlled, the individual’s, just a lie.
For, as the winds, whisper change, can you see, what you must do,
Forget, all those directions, that steer you, away from you,
Take the reins, of your life, from other people’s hands,
Listen to, your beating heart, not other people’s demands.
For, if you search, for happiness, it’s not in, the words you hear,
And if, fulfillment finds you, it’s not something, you should fear,
Don’t, let others, tell you, what it is, you feel,
Because, if you follow, just those words, happiness, isn’t real.
        My Happiness, Is You Marcy



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