Swirling Snow


As the swirling snow falls down,
And the ground’s soon covered white,
Moonlight does not light the stage,
Star are absent in the snowy night,
A walk across a frozen land,
With dreams and memories,
Immersed in a silent darkness,
As in love the heart believes.
As our footsteps touch the ground,
The snow crunches under our feet,
And if we open up our mouths,
The falling snow tastes kind of sweet,
Inside the snow’s another world,
Each step another dream,
And as the visibility lessens,
The crunching snow sounds just like screams.
Memories seem to become a storm,
As the heart reaches for the past,
And inside the steadily falling snow,
The heart holds love that lasts,
The snowflakes become another world,
As civilization fades away,
The falling snow acquires a voice,
Though silent they have their way.
The falling snow soon deepens,
Like the memories we accumulate,
And as this journey lengthens,
The snowflakes seal the hearts fate,
We have and hold throughout our lives,
Though the having is sometimes fleeting,
While every snowflake seems to say,
Love, there’s no defeating.
Step by step we carry on,
As the snowflakes line our way,
And every flake that touches us,
Shows love has more to say,
Light reflects off the layer of snow,
While the shadows seem to lengthen,
And all the things we feel inside,
Just force our love to strengthen.
Our hopes and dreams come alive,
Given life by the falling snow,
And in the silent whiteness,
Though frozen love still grows,
As we watch the swirling snow,
And we feel it’s cold embrace,
Love can make what’s frozen thaw,
And in a heart it’s forever in place.

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