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In The Dark

to Marcy Howard

When, your days, seem darkest, there’s no where, you can turn,
Hang on, to the memories, for, they, will always burn,
Lost inside, life’s events, while, the past, is not, your friend,
Don’t let, the light, flicker out, love, you must defend,
There, is no need, to come back, I’ve, never, left your side,
As we struggle, to understand, those things, we thought, we hide,
No one, can, explain, away, something, so profound,
For when, it finally, arrives, it stays, without, a sound.
This darkness, can be your friend, if, it lets you learn,
The, realization, that your love, will, forever burn,
Though, your day, is dark, think, of things, you need,
As, a light, shows your way, the germination, of the seed.
Darkness, has, it’s benefits, but, it’s you, that must decide,
If, that darkness, holds you down, your happiness, might die,
Hold, your head, up high, enjoy, the comforting thought,
That always, you are my light, the love, for which, I’ve sought.
                It lives, forever!!!!!



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