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Trial By Tears


Events conspire through the years,
To play upon our emotion,
Tears become the price we pay,
The cost of a heart’s devotion,
The tears become a train of time,
As dreams and goals soon drain,
Yet as the tears cleanse the soul,
When dried they still remain!
A salty drop that holds emotion,
Use for so many things,
A memory for a moment alive,
As its path tomorrow brings,
Sometimes waking with moistened eyes,
The remnant of a dream,
While the past exerts its toll,
In lifes never ending stream.
Tears might roll down a face,
From a well of long held pain,
While every tear that slowly falls,
Leaves its salty stain,
Tears may take the pain we feel,
But we’re still left with our fears,
And every teardrop that we shed,
Resumes our trial by tears.



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