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The Heart is Right


When we close our eyes at night,
What things do we see,
Something different than in the light,
Or dreams that live and breathe,
Can those dreams be a better place,
Than the reality in which we reside,
A place where love’s allowed to roam free,
A thing we need not hide.
For each of us paradise is different,
Yet there’s a price that we each pay,
Could it be the price of tomorrow,
Or a fee paid yesterday,
Is there a hidden expiration date,
On love and other things,
Is love somehow only alive,
In your golden wedding ring.
Can one person be your everything,
Even if they’re far away,
We can’t control what others do,
It’s our hearts we must obey,
As we dream what things are real,
What can or can not be,
Impossible a non-existent word,
If love is allowed to roam free.
Before we close our eyes to sleep,
As we lie reclining in our bed,
Do we anticipate a recurring dream,
That is stuck in heart and head,
Are our dreams unconscious thought,
Is it possible that they become real,
Or are they just projections of,
Everything our hearts can feel.
Can each night become a repeat,
That place where love survives,
Holding on to the thought,
Each night’s when love arrives,
Do our dreams become the emphasis,
On the things that live inside,
As love becomes the very thing,
That in our dreams we can not hide.
Holding on is not a bad thing,
Though some might wonder why,
Each night we say hello to love,
And that love can not say goodbye,
A dream is much better than nothing,
Especially when love visits every night,
And when thinking of forever,
Love remains what’s right.

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