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Christmas Lights


Christmas lights dot the scenery,
Twinkling up and down the street,
A wind makes dry leaves chatter,
It’s so cold it numbs the feet,
The air holds hints of coming snow,
Stirring memories from the past,
And in our silent reverie,
We wonder how long it will last.
Every sort of ornament,
Adorns our Christmas tree,
Lights and tinsel wrapped around,
Dreams that now roam free,
A walk at night is surreal,
All the sights and all the sounds,
As the memories seem to come to life,
Ornaments that we’ve found.
Santa Clauses and snow men,
And even nativity scenes,
People overlook their differences,
Because love is what it means,
Children chuckle here and there,
Excited by things they see,
Like the grinch hearts grow in size,
As snowflakes set the memories free.
Just like a Christmas carol,
The ghosts visit in the night,
With our memories as ornaments,
That sparkle with the lights,
Laughter’s heard along the street,
A spirit of light seems to grow,
Yet somehow through the bulk of the year,
What’s real doesn’t show.
Colorful lights adorn our darkness,
A rainbow everywhere,
But the mind tries to tell the heart,
Alone why should you care,
No one can see those colorful lights,
You lit some time ago,
They stay lit ever day,
But their light the heart can’t show.
As you walk down darkened streets,
Christmas lights mark the scenery,
A path to all our hopes and dreams,
That accents this festive greenery,
Christmas has it’s sights and sounds,
It’s that festive time of year,
And every year the lights go on,
Proves that love’s still there.

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