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Goodbye To The Blues

To Marcy Howard

If you keep a smile, on that pretty face,
Does it come from yourself, or from some other place,
Are you happy where you are, or do the blues hold your heart,
Don’t hold on to endings, only hold on to the start.
Your eyes should hold that sparkle, that at times you allowed me to see,
And in that moment when blues encroach, think pleasant thoughts of me,
Though I do not hold you, my heart holds on to you,
As my dreams hold your whispers, and those whispers help me through.
Be happy with your every thought, keep
that sparkle in those eyes,
Don’t let the blues control you, don’t let a smile be some disguise,
Chase the blues with memories, let tomorrow be a better day,
Let that sparkle in your eyes, give you back all your today’s.
Yesterday might be over, with tomorrow yet to come,
And every day that your alive, you’re loved by this someone,
The blues need not control you, let that smile be what you use,
As you remember what we found, that knowledge will chase away your blues.
I will wait for you my darling, no matter how long it takes,
I will take the blues from you, and add them to my heartbreaks,
Let your smile be the choice, and happiness what you choose,
And every time you think of me, you can say goodbye to the blues.
     Only you!!



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