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The Land of Dreams

To Marcy Howard

Every day that we go through, only precedes the night,
The time when dreams come out to play, the opposite of the light,
During the day our eyes are open, yet what do we really see,
Because once the light is taken away, it’s then our dreams are free.
Once we enter the land of dreams, our thoughts and desires can walk,
Because all the things we hide inside, in our dreams are allowed to talk,
Though all dreams aren’t pleasant things, for our fears come alive too,
In the day we hide our thoughts, while hoping the dreams come true.
Subconsciously in our minds, we decide what we can say,
But in our dreams the shackles come off, as the skeletons dance away,
In our dreams all is possible, in our dreams all things are real,
There exist no limitations, we’re allowed to really feel.
Others have no say so, in our dreams we all are whole,
Even with the pieces gone, including those somebody stole,
As we enter our land of dreams, we see all the things we miss,
And in that land late at night, its you each night I kiss.
In the daylight I wish it would end, but at night I know it won’t,
While those who say you shouldn’t do it are the ones afraid because they don’t,
Dreams are mirrors of things in the heart, echoes from our souls,
So now I dwell in this land of dreams, because there, it’s you I hold.
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