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Time of Darkness

To Marcy Howard

Is there a part of the day, that you’ve grown to hate,
For me it is the daylight hours, because then for the dream I wait,
In the light I turn my head, hoping it’s you I see,
While in the night it’s you I hold, again the love is free.
The darkness hides all those things, that we can’t forget,
Shadows hide the memories, as the mind and heart abet,
We can not see the things we miss, but those things at night we hold,
As the skeletons dance with glee, happiest with the cold.
The land of dreams takes us off, to a better place,
Where light can not remind us, of the things we can’t erase,
It’s thought at night it’s harder to see, but dreams still show the heart,
Because it seems in the light, we just pick those dreams apart.
So I guess the daylight hours, are the play that we rehearse,
Until we can embrace the night, and in dreams ourselves immerse,
Thoughts and feelings hidden well, an exercise in starkness,
While in the night we are alive, we love in the time of darkness.
.       Only you



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