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A Little Heart

To Marcy Howard

Down a crimson trail;travels the purloined heart,
Questioning its destination; when did the beating start,
As the heart supplies; thoughts fed to the mind,
And until its beating stops;there’s no one else to find.
The heart taps out its steady beat;reluctant to begin,
As the mind controls the path;wondering where its been,
Though it has no fingers;it holds on to your smile,
Believing a soul thought gone; holds you for awhile.
The heart and mind see it all;the future, the present, the past,
Jointly holding a memory;of love we know will last,
Is this heart being selfish; if it struggles alone in pain,
As the two realize;even love needs its rain.
The heart has no difficulty; holding things known real,
As the mind hears the words;the heart whispers how it feels,
No excuse can be enough;to kill what can not die,
And though love has no voice;it speaks within your eye.
This heart and mind hold you close;in tears crimson red,
And as a man I need you close; if only in my head,
The realization of these things;are forever start,
All the world I have with you;with just a little heart!!!
         YOU ONLY!!!



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