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You feel the heart beating in your chest,
It’s beat you can’t ignore,
Yet in the darkness of being alone,
The heart makes you love even more,
Heart and mind work in concert,
To keep the emotion alive,
Grounded firmly in the knowledge,
That long ago love arrived.
With our eyes we see beauty,
With our ears we hear love’s whisper,
Though our minds reveal issues,
And our souls make love prosper,
At times we wander through nature,
Though most often we sit at home,
But holding love inside ourselves,
In reality we’re not alone.
Here and there we touch the future,
Though we’re held by the past,
While in the eyes of the beholder,
Our mirrors image lasts,
The eyes that look back at you,
Reflect all the things you feel,
But inside only you can know,
Whether love is something real.
In the mirror who do you see,
As you look what’s in the mind,
Is there something somehow lost,
Just some part of love’s design,
You might search your entire life,
And you may even search your soul,
And inside all your hopes and dreams,
Empty arms can leave a hole,
At times there are things in life,
That become part of your being,
Contrary to the things you hear,
Or even things you’re seeing,
At night your bed may be empty,
Because you dream in it alone,
Yet nightly dreams transport you,
To the things that you’ve been shown.
With a thought we are reminded,
Why we hold on so tight,
Love takes on different roles,
Can become your very life,
Happiness becomes an inner smile,
More real when I think of you,
And every time you go to sleep,
That sleep makes dreams come true.

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