The Light

to marcy howard

As I sit, and watch tv, my mind, drifts away,
To a place, I’d rather be, each and every day,
Some, would call it madness, others, call it, nice,
And it seems, just everyone, has, to give advice.
An angel, came, into my life, bringing, hope and love,
Though she thinks, I won’t understand, she’s my gift, from above,
Souls united, yet circumstance, tears them apart,
While the map that’s followed is in the head, and overlooks the heart.
Everything was real, words spoken, were true,
Together, becoming one, the sum, of the two,
Love began, long ago, it stood, the test of time,
And though words were spoken, it was as if, from a mime,
Though, there’s pain and hurting, a memory, is my cure,
And with these eyes tightly closed, of something, I am sure,
We’ll be, together, once again, just like every night,
For this angel, gave me love, a forever burning light!!!!!



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