The Light of Darkness


We search for answers in the dark,
And we search for them in the light,
Face to face in the day,
Holding shadows in the night,
As light transitions into dark,
The shadows change their shape,
While the past cries out to the soul,
And the heart deplores it’s rape.
Shadows seem to take the form,
Of never forgotten dreams,
And in the midst of the darkness,
We confront our silent screams,
In the dark we look for light,
With the hope that we can see,
As hopes and fears come alive,
And we pretend our hearts are free.
Love somehow becomes subdued,
Though still it lives and breathes,
And though the darkness closes in,
In love a heart believes,
All those answers that we seek,
Were found but we ignore,
As the hour grows later,
And the shadows hold us more.
Heart and soul cling to hope,
Believing all they’re told,
And in the darkness of the night,
It’s you that I still hold,
In and out of real life,
Flirting with sure disaster,
Love is all we really need,
Yet there’s so much more we’re after.
The shadows lengthen and the light grows dim,
But in the darkness still there’s light,
Love’s still living in the day,
Though it only comes out at night,
Our thoughts go back to answers,
Which are still evident in the dark,
And in the circle of those thoughts,
What leaves a clearer mark.
As the night takes it’s hold,
Minus the daylight’s doubt,
Love gets up and walks around,
In our dreams we allow it out,
No matter what the mind may say,
It’s about what’s in the heart,
And in the darkness love survives,
Two that love can light the dark.

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