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The Monster's Grasp

To Marcy Howard

There lives inside each of us, a monster that struggles to be free,
And as your veins and tendons strain, what can the mister see,
Does it live in pain and grief, or exist because of fear,
Is its escape a complex thing, or as simple as a tear,
If your body becomes drenched with sweat, the monster enjoys the unfound key,
While a dream awakens you, what helps the monster be,
The monster is only kept alive, by inner fears and doubt,
Its you, yourself, that is made free, if you let the monster out.
All the pains and fear we keep, help the monster survive,
For the only moment freedom comes, when at yourself you finally arrive,
The monster can kill dreams and hopes, as long as he’s kept in,
And if he’s present through our lives, only pain and hurt begin,
Each of us has those things, that haunt our dreams at night,
That prevent the future from becoming, the source of inner light,
Just like you my monsters live, the origin of our tears,
Laughing as we try to surpass, the past its scars and fears,
Though the monster is alive, he now strains his eyes to see,
While in the darkness of the night, a brilliant light came to me,
With no warning or indication, the past is no longer the cost,
A dream becomes the key to all, and this dream is never lost,
Try to notice all those things, that are affected by past scars,
For then the monsters efforts slow, and you can finally see the stars,
Fear and doubt must slowly fade, so the hearts again alive,
Its the monster then who has the fear, and its grasp becomes a lie.
And though it might take many years, to see what matters most,
The monster then sees his demise, with the dream that stays so close,
For me this one and only key, is a woman kind and fair,
A woman who has the monsters too, framed by long dark hair,
I wait for her to find a way, to believe what’s in the heart,
To kill the monsters from the past, and allow a future’s start,
Can we put down the chains that bind us, and let our monsters go,
Trust the heart to show the way, to the happiness that we know.
       Only you!



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