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To Marcy Howard

As each day slowly unfolds, lately I get the thought,
That somehow you’re uncomfortable, with the present pain we’ve bought,
Such a heavy price to pay, for finding something real,
As now its actors we’ve become, to hide the things we feel.
Lately I have the feeling, that these poems are read by you,
And until I hear your voice again, this writing will come through,
All this time the music’s played, as we pretend we can not hear,
But if we hear it with our hearts, it shows we both still care.
Lately I awake at night, and feel that you’re in pain,
But what we found together love, isn’t washed away by rain,
Happiness lives on our eyes, its light can still be seen,
Though our minds complicated things, I love you is still what we mean.
Lately I see you on my dreams, though that’s not something new,
It shows that love is still alive, its real with me and you,
Our arms were made to hold each other, our hearts and souls are one,
And when we think of the other, our smiles are what we’ve won.
Lately the need is overwhelming, lately you come each night,
As dreams each night prove to us, that both of us fight the same fight,
We try to push away a feeling, that in the past we couldn’t do,
And as the circle spins around, lately its me and you.
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