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The Past's Voice

To Marcy Howard

A voice speaks out, from a grave far away,
In a whisper that only I hear,
Believe in the love that you feel inside,
And you have everything important my dear.
With that voice that has passed from this world,
It reminds me of happier days,
She tells me to hold on, keep having faith,
To the song that we found, which still plays.
The voice softly whispers, you’ve found who you need,
And this waiting’s just part of the game,
There’s no need of fame or fortune in love,
And you already know your loves name.
Its uncommon to find, love so profound,
So stand for that love and believe,
Don’t let the mind alter the facts,
Because your heart, the mind will deceive.
You’ve found the love that makes you both whole,
Says the voice that speaks from the grave,
And as long as you love her and keep hope alive,
That love is all you need save.
Possessions and problems are nothing in life,
As this voice then whispers, please don’t cry,
Tears do nothing to change a thing,
And to love, you should never say goodbye.
        Only you!
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