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A Snowbound Dream

to Marcy Howard

Snow, is slowly, swirling, around;and a country scene’s, turned white,
And in, the morning, as dawn awakes;this snow, reflects, the light,
A figure, walks, through frigid, cold;bundled, to retain, his heat,
As, frozen pants, scrape, the ground;and snow, crunches, beneath, his feet.
Beauty, is held, in this snow;though, at times, you can not see,
While, the figure, trudges on;between, the snow clad trees,
As, the snow, covers, his steps;he steadily, wanders on,
Struck, by, his white washed dreams;with all, his landmarks gone.
Though, surrounded, by falling snow;it seems, it clears, his mind,
With, the snow, he’s not alone;as peace, he hopes, to find,
Hidden, beneath, this fallen snow;is, love, that now, seems lost,
And when, the snow, melts away;will, his heart and love, be the cost.
Inside, there is, a strong desire;to determine, which way, to go,
For, in the snow, things, can be lost;yet, this snow, can help, you know,
The figure, holds, a heat, inside;that, prevents, his feeling cold,
Wrapped, inside, this swirling snow;is the love, he’ll always hold.
       walking in the snow, holding love!!
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