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Will I


In the company of complete darkness,
It feels as if you’re reaching out to me,
I hope you know I’d help you,
No matter what you may need,
My heart seems to whisper to my mind,
That we’re under the same night time sky,
So try to consider for a moment,
That my caring was never a lie.
I even tried to run away,
Fearful of how much I cared,
Trying to convince this broken heart,
That love wasn’t what we shared,
Through the miles and the river of tears,
I’ve learned to accept a sobering fact,
After all I am just human,
And each day I need you back.
After all that was said and done,
I just hope you might understand,
I still would do anything for you,
Though silent I’m your biggest fan,
I always said I wouldn’t chase you,
Even though it was just in my head,
Somehow I was already alone,
And I’m sorry for what I said.
There were so many things I didn’t know,
But losing Eileen was clearly true,
I just couldn’t understand the fear,
That I was already losing you,
I couldn’t bear the pain I saw,
Inside your loving eyes,
So who I am had to go,
Back to the past’s disguise.
Some would say I lost it all,
Yet little do they really know,
The only picture that they saw,
Is the production I allowed to show,
My belief in you has never waned,
And late at night I hear your voice,
If you try to reach out to me,
To assist you is always my choice.
Actions might say one thing,
Yet the opposite can be true,
And though I apologize for my behavior,
I won’t apologize for loving you,
I’ve intentionally isolated myself,
Because your voice fuels all my dreams,
And when I get the feeling you need me,
Love then loudly screams.

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