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The Skeleton's Fate

to Marcy Howard

No matter, what the fates, may bring, no matter, what, seems lost,
No matter, what, life, might give, no matter, what the cost,
I have found, who I need, and I believe, you have too,
You, belong, with me, and I, belong with you.
Silent separation, is a prison, for our souls,
Instead, of dousing the fire, we should, be fanning the coals,
Ask, any question, whatever, you need to know,
I’ll, lay my soul, on the table, my skeletons, I will show,
Could we both, do this thing, I know, that I’m willing,
And think, of what, it all could mean, the outcome, could be thrilling,
I believe, and always will, that, in your arms, I belong,
You see, we fell in love, and nothing, makes it wrong.
I have never, wanted someone more, though, at times, I wonder why,
But the answer’s, in this picture, that answer’s, in your eyes,
Though, this picture, is an image, a thought, that will survive,
No matter, how much you push, love... is not a lie.
None of us, is perfect, and we all, make mistakes,
And we all, have our demons, and our shares, of heartbreak,
Trust, that I could, hold your heart, no matter, what I find,
While, we look, at the skeletons, that clutter, up our minds.



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