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I Need

to Marcy Howard

Every night, you come to me, you invade, my dreams,
Yet, I welcome, your vision, but I, can’t, call them memories,
Memories, are of the past, events, that make, an impression,
But dreams, live forever, inside.all your transgressions.
While, I slip, into the dream, I get, to stroke, your hair,
Remembering, all those things, you whispered, in my ear,
I can hear, the angelic voice, see, those, smouldering eyes,
I smile, at the sparkle, that lights up, my gray skies.
I feel, your touch, and your love, as your arms, hold me,
As a tear, rolls, slowly down, your loving face, I see,
Sitting on, a wooden porch, at a cabin, amongst the trees,
This heart, it seems, is free.
I have you, in my arms, right now, and smell, your sweet perfume,
It seems, I don’t want to wake, for, reality, will resume,
Forever, you, are in, my heart, with the love, you gave to me,
I can show you, that it’s real, and you’re, the only one, I need.



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